Stacher & Stacher

​* manifest (verb): to make clear or evident to the eye or understanding
* facilitate (verb): make easy or easier
* expedite (verb): make happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly
* innovate (verb): make changes in something through new methods, ideas, or products
* experience (noun): having practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from participation
* resource (noun): a source of information or expertise 

• Brand and Business Development

• Product Strategy

Helping Companies Translate Their Business Goals to Reality

•  Broadened account base and market channels
•  Expanded shelf-space, brand presence and loyalty
•  New and sustained key account relationships
•  Tightened sales process and improved closing ratios
•  Increased average order and rate of sale
•  Market timed product introductions and high-impact line extensions
•  Best practices and continuous improvement in sales and operations
•  Growth of commitment and loyalty from reps and accounts
•  Strategic trade show planning and effective trade marketing

•  Increased profit and brand equity
•  Better decision making, faster growth, fewer mistakes